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Megaprims Performance Art, Encore Finale

Written by ina on Wednesday, 14 of May , 2008 at 10:23 pm
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So in the middle of setting up Primtings after posting the call for artists earlier today… Paula Dix aka Able Whitman(?) TP’s in and rezzes a megaprim. I got the confirmation earlier today (while at Skin City) from Wiz that Mega’s were disabled. But, apparently it’s only to do with server versions. Fortunately, the Primtings sim is fairly high up there and hasn’t been rolling-restarted yet. 

That means - today we just had another round of “performance art”… Ina Atlas starts the hour off with Paula Dix taking on the next two hours. (Seriuosly, was feeling kinda super tired. Didn’t get much sleep last night.)  

So the summary of the day so far goes… after the usual admin stuff including the RFL prom, sLiterary, Primtings, IM hell, customer service, I got to start blocking out a Mondrian out of megaprims (Composition). Several actually. TP’ed some nice people in to help, but most left at the sheer size and variability of the boogie.

Oh, also, we’ve gained two new excellent Primtings and possibly a third! Soon to be announced to group:-) Stay tuned!

The performance art today was (is — again I’m stealing time away from it, letting Paula please the crowd) interesting in that the sim was set to rez-all and anyone could rez.

Emotionally, my fave part of this event is that sort of Catcher-in-the-rye wholesome total good abandonness thing. Kinda like being the catcher of megaprims. Sorta giddy feeling as I rez a megaprim with huge expanse that displaces everyone momentarily until I either raise it and elevate people or move it and they all fall or just phantom it to not displace them even more.

All together though this event truly is performance art and it’s totally of philosophical interest, as well. I mean, where else but on Second Life can you have an artform that’s dependent on the audience and their ability/understanding-of-tools to create, a bunch of people being spontaneously decapitated or levitated or otherwise ballooned by blossoming megaprims custom created based on the people’s voice, and also corporate-community politics that initiatied the extinction-anon of the endangered speccies? (See my post from yesterday for something perhaps more coherent. I really need to zzz soon…)


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Ms. Ina Atlas’ Opus

Written by ina on Wednesday, 14 of May , 2008 at 1:21 am
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Somewhat heart-pained by the needless and superstitious discrimination against megaprims and also Sidewinder’s earlier comment about mega creator’s to be terminated  by tomorrow… and then WarKirby’s warcry in AWG (or was it Adv Scripters)… I finally got about to grabbing the Nicholez viewer to… spawn megaprims!

I think I was inspired by Eshi Otawara’s vision of “performance art,” although it really wasn’t clear to me what I was doing the whole time of the event… until much later.  At the end of it, the right words to call this event just spontaneously arose: once-in-a-sLifetime interactive temporal performance art.

So getting back to the multiple levels of inter-related allusions. Megaprims (aka mega’s)’s are discriminated against, and thus their lifetimes are limited — temporal like live theatre… susceptible to deletion through not time’s scythe but that of politics and misunderstanding. Poor mega’s! Poor, poor mega’s…

Performance art is about creating visual art, one part of which is both created and dies in the process of performance, and the other part survives. In this case, the artform is interactive. Visitors can drop by and request which mega to spawn. Atlas would spawn and place the prim somewhere… and after the first series of plywood prims, the usage of coloring started to become necessary to distinguish between where one prim ends and the other begins. After a while, the colors became a whole entire array covering more or less a sim — Primtings Museum. It became living modern art as more and more visitors swelled in a differential equation equal to a constant 50 for the duration of over two hours… and even after Atlas and the sim crashed and didn’t get back on until an hour later at like 1 am … people continued to come in. 

The people are told to spread the mega’s, spread, spread, spread. They are the sole witness of this event. They are the only people who can bring this event’s memory onwards — as well as the mega’s generated… although

The mega’s are packed in a 2×2x13.5 “totem” on Primtings Campus.

MegaPrims Performance Art 5/13

Anyway though, In this case, Atlas’ last-minute idea to turn this collective community’s striving to spread mega’s into an artform is, perhaps, her last opus before her account is banned (RIP Gene Replacement, bless his soul. RIP Charles Fauna, bless his soul).  Her performance, like the megaprims, is temporal… ephemeral… and her account far likely gone by the time you finish reading this. Fin. (RIP Ina Atlas, bless her soul.)

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A Roundabout way to “Group” large objects for big sim builds

Written by ina on Sunday, 17 of February , 2008 at 4:43 pm
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So, in traditional 3d programs, you have the ability to group entire objects no matter how big or how many “prims.” You don’t have that freedom on SL, due to limitation in link distances and also max prims per linked object.

But, it’s relatively easy to “select only my objects” and drag a bounding box around the building you want to move. But, in a citysim setting with buildings sardine-squeezed next to each other, precision selection might be a pain.

Enter one other use of my SLregapi. Use it to register an Ina alt per building/sector, so that if I ever have to move it, all I’d have to do is log into that alt and drag a bounding box to “select only my objects.”

The other day I contacted Concierge about whether the TOS max avatar count applied to RegAPI accounts. The reply I got stated that TOS doesn’t cover RegAPI yet.

So, here are the accounts used to rez the parts of my upcoming city sim build:

  • Ina Gears (roads)
  • Ina Looming (basement stuff)
  • Ina Caudron (Blue District, except for SLface)
  • Ina Hotshot (Red District, main entrance)
  • Ina Westland (Red District Round Building)
  • Ina Siemans (Red District hotels & resorts)
  • Ina Hereter (Red District Skin City Art Museum)
  • Ina Nestler (Red District WTC tall)
  • Ina Clawtooth (Red District mass generica)
  • Ina Major (the heavens)
  • Ina Cliffhanger (The Sky Globe globe thingies and also empire state bottom foundations)
  • Ina Ireland (Sky Globe Main)

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