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Davos Question As Answered By A Time-Displaced Year Old

Written by ina on Monday, 19 of January , 2009 at 8:37 pm

The biggest problem in the world is distribution, and here’s a solution for a case that can save millions of life. People of the world: you can help! (This video is based on a passage from a diary I kept when I was about 8 years old. Though that’s more than a decade ago, it seems relevant now…)

Hi, this is Ina Centaur, and here’s my answer to the Davos Question—what one thing I think everyone can help in doing to make the world a better place:

I think the biggest problem that can be solved without the invention and deployment of new technologies—or similar complications—is distribution. I’m talking about distribution with respect to global problems like world hunger and general ignorance—and I think the two are related.

What do I mean, well—take the fact that the USA produces way more food than its people need. This food often goes to waste—and often due to reasons of business, for example, due to unfavorable rates, a farming company not wishing to hire the workers to harvest. You have food that can feed entire third world countries just rotting away unharvested. There’s a lot of activism going on with people running marathons in Relay for Life and other global concerns. What if, people could volunteer to harvest the food for the starving people of the world?

I really think the culprit is ignorance. We have all that we need to save millions of lives and perhaps even eliminate the third world. But, the situation in the example I just gave is that people who live a short drive away from the farm skipping its harvest don’t know that they can just go out and help.
But, perhaps, there might be business reasons why the farming company would reject even free help. Could they perhaps get tax deductability for donating the food harvested by the volunteer labor?

It really is a huge pity that the food just goes to waste like that. And it shouldn’t. I mean, we have the resources, the people, and the spirit and heart to make it work.
Like, people from all around the country or world could flock to these farming sites to help harvest. For example, major conferences such as SxSW and others could be held near these farming sites, so that people could attend conferences and also help harvest to save the hungry people of the world—while minimizing their airfare.

There would always be new farms to hold the conventions at. The biggest problem is distribution. We already have all the food in the world to solve world hunger. We just need to be able to get it out there. And there’s people to help. We just need to make it possible.

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Another Blogger Thinks I am weird and I Flunked the Vagina Monologues Callbacks!

Written by ina on Sunday, 13 of January , 2008 at 4:58 pm
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Today I found out that someone whom I haven’t thrown this blog link to actually reads my blog (/me gulps; she tracked me down, commented on the odd extremity of my YoS experiment, and linked my Davos Question). I should probably react by posting things that make sense… and maybe create vBlogs that are less random improv and more pointful as well o.O I should also anonymize people by referring to them by their first initials.

Since my last post, I’ve processed/delegated half a dozen orders (yes, business is slow nowadays; and I know the site needs a redesign), flickr-API‘ed Ina Centaur Photography (Yes, I am an active professional photographer again despite my YoS!)… finalized the SL Shakespeare Company iCampaign website… and…

I totally flunked the Vagina Monologue Callbacks. The parts are traditionally read to sound “read” (sans stumbling), but the directors seemed to want drama. I was assigned “My Vagina was a Village” and Spotlight Monologues. C suggested that I sound innocent vs not-so-innocent for the dichotomy in Village. It’s been a while since I was interrupted in the middle, but it happened during Village. A gave the verdict away when C asked if she wanted me to read anything else, “not unless you want to dance Swan Lake.” Read: way too melodramatic.

Please see this updated hindsight post.

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Ina on the Davos Question

Written by ina on Thursday, 10 of January , 2008 at 1:00 pm
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