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Extending IC-Skins - Some Tips on Working with Open Source Body Skins

Written by ina on Monday, 9 of February , 2009 at 2:40 am
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Certain body skins used in IC-Skins (_AR, _SR, ::RIO::, and others), SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop, and products are open-source, and their textures are provided both with the skin package inworld in Second Life and on the web at

You may do whatever you wish with the body skins under a typical BSD license. Credits and more stringent requirements of usage are included with each respective body skin in the above listed repository.

You can add your own details and customize the body skin to your desire. Some ideas - you may wish to add custom bruises, or put on tattoos or bandaids (for example).

Editing Skins (Outside of SL)

A simple way to do this is to edit the skin textures in Photoshop (if you don’t have Photoshop already, you can get a function trial copy for free for 30 days on Adobe’s website). You would then create a new layer (shift-ctrl-N) and put whatever funky stuff you have in mind on top of the base skin. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to put bandaid’s on a body skin’s lower body (legs). (You can also export just this layer to create “band-aid” underwear.)

  1. Fetch the files for the body you’d like to work on from
  2. Photoshop Skin Mod Tutorial: Layers Hide UnhideOpen up the lower body texture for the skin you’d like to work on in Photoshop. To simplify things, each .psd file has two layers: a (hidden) UV map layer, and the body texture layer. To unhide the UV map, click on the far left “box” in the layer you want to unhide in the Layers panel. (If you don’t see the Layers panel, you may have to press F7 to toggle it on/off.)
  3. To save time in this tutorial example, we’re going to download some ready-made band-aid photoshop brushes (, created by Deviant Art user punksafetypin. We’ll use these somewhat like stencils to quickly put some bandaid’s on our character.
  4. To install these brushes, unzip them and put them in your Photoshop Brushes folder. Press F5 to open the brushes panel in Photoshop. On the top right hand corner of the panel, you’ll see a down arrow - click that, and click Load Brushes and find the brushes you just installed.
  5. Now, have fun tattoo-ing on these band-aid’s *on a new layer*! Use the UV map as a guide, and try to stay within the lines so your bandaids will appear seamless. (Drop by the Twilight SL Shop in Skin City for some freebie bandaid underwear!)

Creating Skins (Inside SL)

To upload your skin to Second Life, fire up the Second Life software, and go to File > Upload Image. Upon success, you should find your upload in your SL inventory. To apply that to a SL skin, simply follow the steps below:

  1. In your inventory, make a copy of the skin you wish to edit. Right click the skin, and select copy, and press paste. (You may wish to rename this second copy so you can find it easily later.)
  2. Edit this copy, but double clicking the skin (in your inventory) to wear it. Then right click (in your inventory), select edit.
  3. You should now be in Edit > Appearance mode. Click on the skin tab, and drag and drop the body skin on the bottom two skin texture boxes. The body skin is made up of an upper body and lower body skin. You would drop the upper body on the middle texture box, and the lower body on the lower texture box.
  4. Click apply to finalize results and exit edit > appearance. This skin in your inventory will now be showing off your new body texture you just uploaded!

I had hoped to provide plentiful tutorials, but it looks like time may be an issue. There are plenty of tutorials that teach you how to use Photoshop on Google (so please google!), but feel free to ask the IC-Skins group inworld for help, though!

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[IC-Skins] .:RIO:. New Skin Line - Maiden New Releases!

Written by ina on Monday, 6 of October , 2008 at 12:11 pm
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A couple of months ago, I came up with a skin called Rio. Its has a fair Caucasian tone, described by some as distinctly “Northern/Eastern European”, “exquisite”, and my favorite comment, “a supermodel skin on SL that’s memorable.”

_AR Rio "Another Realism"  by [IC-Skins]

Thus, arises the .:RIO:. line - “Memorable SKINS to become YOU.”

I decided to play with some sketch layers used as eyes and lips in some of my earlier releases. (The devout should be able to see them ;-)) To my surprise, each skin looked distinctly different, and the tone works well, as seen in:

Gia, with warm expression-ful eyebrows, available in:

makeup variations:
IC-Skins Rio Gia Neutral

and “Avant Garde” showgirl mode:
IC-Skins Rio Gia Avant Garde

Gae, whose features give her a formidable and venerable composure:
IC-Skins Rio Gae Neutral Pink

Gina, who fits as supermodel or an unforgettable pretty girl:
IC-Skins Rio Gina Neutral Red
IC-Skins Rio Gina Neutral pink

The .:RIO:. line also comes with a selection of eyeshadow colors to bring out your eyes, a selection of lipstick choices (and also directions for custom makeup requests), - each available as individual packs, and also (with discount) row, column, and “all” packs. Two
body choices are available with each, and these body skins will actually be released as psd and textures soon - along with tutorials on customizing your avatar body skin. Stay tuned to the IC-Skins group for details!

All photos shown are unedited SL shots - color, shadow, and everything, looks exactly like they would look on SL using Second Life 1.19.0 (5) Feb 28 2008 17:18:12 with the default [IC-skins] face light included. You can also get a similar look using the regular/
current SL viewer with atmospheric shaders turned off in edit > preferences > graphics

Enough 2d-ness, drop by the main store to see these skins in 3d… on you!

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First Skin in new .:Rio:. Line

Written by ina on Sunday, 21 of September , 2008 at 5:40 pm
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I’m continuing the IC-Skins tradition of unique and distinctive faces — but pretty faces with near-perfect foundation shading. The first in this .:RIO:. line is Gia, available in several different makeup variations, as well as in the L.M. “light makeup” version:

IC-Skins Rio Gia Neutral

OPoT Playbill A Does she look familiar? She’s Winia reloaded with Rio’s base foundation.
“No, not in a previous skin context, you say?” Yup, she’s also the girl you saw onstage in the recent SL Shakespeare Company performance. For a while, she was code-named “Lucille,” which was the name I came up with in the fake movie poster I made ages ago of a first draft. (Whatever could the movie be about? It’s about an American girl in Paris who somehow ends up being a showgirl in the middle of an ice-skating rink. Crazy, huh!)

There’s also an “Avant Garde” variation with showgirl makeup (fake movie poster next):
IC-Skins Rio Gia Avant Garde Lucille Movie

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New Chinese / Japanese Skin - Mei Li

Written by ina on Friday, 15 of August , 2008 at 9:51 pm
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_ar ad mei li by ic-skins

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Two New _AR Skins

Written by ina on Monday, 4 of August , 2008 at 3:13 pm
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_AR Rio

_AR Belle

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IC-Skins Notes on Your New Skin

Written by ina on Monday, 4 of August , 2008 at 5:30 am
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Thank you for purchasing a skin created by Ina Centaur.

Although, our skins are optimized for fast loading and quality the following tricks may help:
1. edit > preferences > graphics > custom
* bump maping and shiny
* basic shaders
* TURN OFF atmospheric shaders
* Lighting Detail: Nearby local lights

2. Wear a face light

3. Press Ctrl alt R to rebake a few times if needed. (This is especially useful if you are on a wireless or old connection, where your face de-rezzes a lot. Your face should rez a few seconds after ctrl-alt-R depending on the lag at your sim.)
* Note, you must have Advanced/Debug mode activated to use the above shortcut. If you see an “Advanced” menu on your SL toolbar, then you have it activated, and should be able to rebake using Ctrl alt R.
* If you do not have Advanced mode activated, Press Ctrl Alt D to toggle it on. (If you press Ctrl Alt D again, you will turn it off.)
* Press Ctrl Alt R to rebake! (A couple of times, if needed.)

And you should look dazzling. As good as the ad pic, but as yourself! I promise!

We’re in here for the art more than the commerce, and thus unlike other skin stores, we rarely tint a skin and call it a “new” product. None of our skins look generic. Each has its own distinct look because each one is made from scratch. Each purchase helps fund the creation of a new skin. And, we believe that each purchase helps make another avatar on Second Life look more unique. Thank you, once again.

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CrazyTalk Winia Pack

Written by ina on Wednesday, 11 of June , 2008 at 10:23 pm
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 Winia CrazyTalk Pack    Winia is a idealized realistic girl. The pack comes with freckles and different eyshadow and undershadow variations, and also a pale vampire-goth/tone. Also includes convenient necklace, which you can hang your logo on. Winia is a pack based on my latest skin releases in my store IC-Skins on Second Life.

Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play

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Sones Skin City Soda Cap Scavenger Hunt!

Written by ina on Friday, 30 of May , 2008 at 8:08 pm
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Skin City, Second Life: The merchants of Skin City have hidden
Sones Skin City Soda bottle caps with skin and av accessory
booty prizes in the one and only 1-stop city for…
skins, shapes, eyes, and other avatar accessories:

Drop by to grab the booty — finders keepers for both small
things and pricy things — including select individual packs of my
4 earliest new releases:
  ad etana ad zalgo
My legendary eyes:
[ic-skins] eyes Soulful and Vidad 2 [IC-skins] eyes Ranika [IC-skins] eyes Ienex [IC-skins] eyes Iata
… as well as legacy eyes … new Soda caps released
several times a week starting in June!

And also… booty from these Skin City merchants:

Another Level
Arrogant Lioness
Beauty Avatar
Body Project
Digit Darkes
Falln Angel
Kitheres Industries
Playboy Designs
Shape Territory
Starfuker Skins
VIP - Sculpted Talking Faces

More soda caps added daily… as new merchants arrive and get set up! 

Come for a sneak peek and the chance to find high quality skins and more
hidden in buy-for-0/1 soda caps…


Come see designers incognito as they try to find the hidden caps.
(I can only tell you what I’ve hidden - don’t ask any of us for where
other booty’s hid… cuz we dunno and are out there searching
with you! o.O)

Ina Centaur,
Skin City Mayor

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SL Forced-Downtime & SQLzoo Fun Part II

Written by ina on Tuesday, 13 of May , 2008 at 12:27 am
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I get so much done when SL is offline.

Finished makeup editions for Kassia and Dria, and also finally pdf2tga’ed the SL Shakespeare Company programme!

And now for more SQL fun @ SQLzoo

Two Table Join

1b. Show the who and the color of the medal for the medal winners from ‘Sweden’

SELECT who,color FROM ttms JOIN country ON ( WHERE’Sweden’

1c. Show the years in which ‘China’ won a ‘gold’ medal.

SELECT games FROM ttms x JOIN country y ON ( WHERE’China’ AND x.color=’gold’

2b. Show which city ‘Jing Chen’ won medals. Show the city and the medal color

SELECT city, color FROM games JOIN ttws ON ( WHERE who=’Jing Chen’

2c. Show who won the gold medal and the city.

SELECT who, city FROM games x JOIN ttws y ON ( WHERE color=’gold’

3a. Show the games and color of the medal won by the team that includes ‘Yan Sen’.

SELECT games,color FROM ttmd JOIN team on ( WHERE’Yan Sen’

3b. Show the ‘gold’ medal winners in 2004.

SELECT name from team JOIN ttmd ON ( WHERE AND ttmd.color=’gold’

3c. Show the name of each medal winner country ‘FRA’.

SELECT name FROM team JOIN ttmd on ( WHERE’FRA’

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CrazyTalk Kassia Pack

Written by ina on Thursday, 31 of January , 2008 at 7:20 pm
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Get the CrazyTalk model pack below for $7.77 via PayPal to ina.centaur at

crazytalk kassia model pack

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