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Tried out Antics3d and Entered their Medical Competition

Written by ina on Friday, 8 of February , 2008 at 5:01 pm
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Antics is to fall in love with — both as a previz tool and as a rough blocking tool and as one of the most easy to learn and customize machinima-making tool so far (they allow for direct import in .3ds format). (Also, I can totally imagine bringing in the renders into AfterEffects to convert to cartoon-ish form to make production quality cartoons!). I especially love the camera shots and transitions, the intuitive keyframing and smart camera sync’s, although their zoom/navigation system is a bit confusing — and lack of custom shortcuts is almost as painful as building in SL. Their basic build system is SketchUp-esque (well, sans push-pull - you have to click the wall button to add walls), but it’s intuitive to block out a 2d floor plan and then to click add walls. Like other OpenGL programs, their textures are limited to base 2’s. Interestingly, the system is powered by a command line system (such as “go to chair”) with more-or-less obvious theatre syntax.

They’re kind enough to offer a free unlimited version (it just lacks premium content). And they happen to be running a medical competition when I chanced to find them, so here’s my entry–basically the first thing I made in Antics:

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Neglect Me (Seriously) and Shopping Confession Re-entry

Written by ina on Tuesday, 29 of January , 2008 at 7:26 am
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Fact: I am basically “in character” for most entries in this blog. If I get too irreverent or act too “out of character” (relative to the character you know me as), please simply disregard this quasi-muckracking “blog” rendition of the Ina you thought you knew so well…
In other news, please view my re-entry to the eBillMe Shopping Confession contest for a (possible) laugh… and to help me score a few visitor points:

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