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Ina Sedai

Written by ina on Saturday, 27 of September , 2008 at 1:23 am
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Ina Sedai
Ina Sedai is my character in Tar Valon. Here are her specs.~OOC Attributes~
SL Name: Ina Centaur
SL Join Date: 10/31/2006 11:59 pm…

~Character Attributes~
Character’s Full Name: Ina Centaur
Ajah: Brown
Age: Unknown
Home Country: Cairhien

~Character Details~
She’s the type of girl who can lock herself up in a cloister for half a lifetime, reading and cross-referencing, and writing.

She likes books.

She extremely dislikes unwanted visitors, and is said to have come close to using the One Power as a weapon to ward off solicitors.

~Character History~
They say that there’s a Waygate hidden in the basement of her ancestral home, and that she spends much of her sabbatical time studying it and venturing to worlds beyond.

Little is known of the Aes Sedai named Ina Centaur. Nothing is known for certain other than that she’s from a wealthy family in Cairhien.

There are tales, however…

It is said that her parents, wealthy nobles, had been appaled that their only daughter was “cursed” with the One Power, and would think nothing of having her sent off to Tar Valon. The Aes Sedai who found her had had to use the One Power to protect herself from her family’s mercenaries, and to steal Ina away.

It is also said that she became very drawn into herself, would often fast just to spend long hours reading uninterrupted, when she saw a girl who looked just like her chained to an a’dam and forced to kill another, when she ran away a novice.

It is believed that she has returned to her ancestral home to study a Waygate.

Other Alts:
Her twin sister, who was separated at birth (stolen by the goodwife, who was a darkfriend), Ina Minotaur is rumored to be a darkfriend and disciple of Lanfear.

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