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Skin City “Sones” Soda Cap Scavenger Hunt

Written by ina on Sunday, 25 of May , 2008 at 7:39 am
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Skin City “Sones” Soda Cap Scavenger Hunt

Skin City, as you know, has its own fictional soda company. Namely, “Sones Soda” - not at all affiliated with Jones Soda. In fact, the labels on Sones Soda only show images from Skin City. You can pick up a bottle of Sones Soda for free from any Skin City Soda vendor.  

Anyway, the “Sones” Soda Cap Scavenger Hunt is a Skin City-wide scavenger hunt that you can participate in to find skins, shapes, and other avatar accessories booty packed in soda caps scattered all around Skin City. It runs from 6/2 to 6/23. More caps added daily. Visit Skin City to find them all. Google up people’s blogs to find people’s finds! o.O
“Preshow Setup” by Skin City merchants:

Participation is simple.

1. Simply rez a Sones Soda Cap
2. Put stuff in it.
3. Set it on sale for L$0 or L$1.
4. Hide it somewhere in the city. (Record the location so you won’t forget!)
5. Poke me about your participation so I can add you to the PR list.

Scavenger Hunt Announced to…
   The Skin City Update Group on Wednesday 5/28
   FashCon on Monday 6/2

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MP1 is FINALLY OVER … gotta get to finishing Skin City and Shakespeare…

Written by ina on Sunday, 16 of March , 2008 at 7:56 pm
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The SL Shakespeare Company’s Miniproduction #1 is *finally* over after the press-only show earlier today! LOL, for the first time in a looong time, I got to take a break to check out the various other live events on SL. Fun!

And in other news, I really have to start finishing Skin City and Shakespeare. Hmm, so why am I not hiring out? Well, I bought 4 sims… and now I’m broke… and not just that, I almoooost forgot how much I love building!

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Three New Sims and an OpenSim Thing that supports direct import of 3d Meshes?

Written by ina on Thursday, 21 of February , 2008 at 4:07 am
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At about 5:55 PM or so last night, 3 new sims got rezzed next to sLiterary to form this 4-sim cluster.

There’s yet another OpenSim/SL-esque contender that appears to allow the direct import of 3d meshes. No more fuddling with sculpties?

I’m working overtime getting way too obsessed prim-efficient-izing the Globe, and also retexturing the interior. It now looks a lot more grunge than it was before. I might even retexture the outside later. The plan really should have been rez, move, voila, Globe on 4 sims. But… you know me ;-P

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A Roundabout way to “Group” large objects for big sim builds

Written by ina on Sunday, 17 of February , 2008 at 4:43 pm
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So, in traditional 3d programs, you have the ability to group entire objects no matter how big or how many “prims.” You don’t have that freedom on SL, due to limitation in link distances and also max prims per linked object.

But, it’s relatively easy to “select only my objects” and drag a bounding box around the building you want to move. But, in a citysim setting with buildings sardine-squeezed next to each other, precision selection might be a pain.

Enter one other use of my SLregapi. Use it to register an Ina alt per building/sector, so that if I ever have to move it, all I’d have to do is log into that alt and drag a bounding box to “select only my objects.”

The other day I contacted Concierge about whether the TOS max avatar count applied to RegAPI accounts. The reply I got stated that TOS doesn’t cover RegAPI yet.

So, here are the accounts used to rez the parts of my upcoming city sim build:

  • Ina Gears (roads)
  • Ina Looming (basement stuff)
  • Ina Caudron (Blue District, except for SLface)
  • Ina Hotshot (Red District, main entrance)
  • Ina Westland (Red District Round Building)
  • Ina Siemans (Red District hotels & resorts)
  • Ina Hereter (Red District Skin City Art Museum)
  • Ina Nestler (Red District WTC tall)
  • Ina Clawtooth (Red District mass generica)
  • Ina Major (the heavens)
  • Ina Cliffhanger (The Sky Globe globe thingies and also empire state bottom foundations)
  • Ina Ireland (Sky Globe Main)

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