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I know basic Chinese (so says CLAlive o.O)

Written by ina on Tuesday, 5 of February , 2008 at 7:18 pm
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I guess I just found this TechVirtual project at the right time. I guess I get to tap into this component of my dark past. Hey, and look I passed their word challenge on first try! ;-P

i passed?

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iVizClone RL Misc by FW

Written by ina on Saturday, 2 of February , 2008 at 5:35 pm
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(FW is a programmer. The nanoimpossibility is due to FW. See here for more stuff from earlier.)

To facilitate a variety of possible shapes and sizes, another implementation could feature a latex ’skin’, with internal balloons filled with oxygen, that create a replica of the person’s shape. Limbs could be facilitated with telescoping cylinders and hydraulics that extend or shrink to produce the proper length in the extremeties.

RGB projectors surrounding the robot would project the face and proper skin tones, and the appearance of clothes.
A second implementation might involve the use of currently available technology, transparent and flexible LCD screens. Once the person is scanned, the screens can display the image of the clothing and skin around the robot’s shape.

An extreme implementation, leveraging not-yet-developed but previously conceived technology, would be to use many small nano-scale robots to combine together into one larger one. The nano-scale robots would have the ability to alter their external coloring and thus each would appear to be the ‘pixels’ of the person. This methodology, demonstrated in true Hollywood style in the motion picture ‘Virtuosity’, would represent a significant undertaking, but is not necessarily unlikely as technology and our understanding progress.

The booth looks significantly different now:

revision by fw

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iVizClone More or Less Together

Written by ina on Friday, 1 of February , 2008 at 5:54 am
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FW and I finally finished setting up my SL version of a fuzzy logic viz exhibit:

The human eye takes on gestalt views of a scene to identify its people from the background environment. Now, what if a robot were to do the seeing? Traditional computing would have “line by line” scanning for processing, which means that machine will always lose to man. “Fuzzy logic” algorithms attempt to emulate the human perception.

iVizClone is the Second Life implementation of a possible real life exhibit of a dynamic real time “fuzzy logic” people visual-cloning robot.

Robot sees. Robot becomes.

The snapshot below features the first guy who dropped by our exhibit. (Not FW btw - he passed out! :-O)
iVizClone Snap

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Written by ina on Saturday, 19 of January , 2008 at 10:12 am
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iVizClone logo (Here is an early draft of the infoCard for my VizClone exhibit at the tech.)

VizClone is a visual artificial intelligence experiment where a robot uses fuzzy logic to “focus” on an individual in the crowd and clone their image in real time 3D. Robot sees. Robot becomes. You shall see!

The Second Life implementation uses libsecondlife to scan avatars in the vicinity, a fuzzy logic algorithm to choose an avatar to focus on, and libsecondlife to grab their baked textures onto the “robot”.

The Real Life implementation may occur with either an array of cameras capturing the nearby people, and then a multimedia projector projecting on a blank 3d statue, or perhaps a hologram to create the clone.

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The Tech on SL…

Written by ina on Friday, 4 of January , 2008 at 10:11 pm
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It would be awesome to see some virtual stuff made into exhibits (where I am not the one to supply the RL funding). So, today I submitted two project ideas. one of which is already done for SLSC and the other is just something I’ve wanted to do ever since honors bio in frosh year of high school.


just cool, but perhaps unfeasible in RL:

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